smart artisanal coffee machine

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Schedule Poppy Pour-Over to make a perfect cup or brew one on demand, and share your favorite settings with the pour-over community—all from the Wink app.

Get automatic refills on your favorite coffee beans, water filters, and coffee filters delivered by Amazon when the machine detects that you’re running low.

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Brew boutique roasters’ beans exactly as they were intended with smart presets.


Its burr grinder conserves essential oils by crushing rather than chopping beans.


The double-walled, grippable glass carafe maintains ideal drinking temperature.


Adjust variables like water temperature, grind size, and brew time to recreate the hand-crafted, pour-over process.


Hopper holds 1 ¼ pounds of coffee beans

Beans are ground directly before brewing for maximum freshness

Water reservoir holds 50 fluid ounces, enough to make 4 single servings
Built-in charcoal filter ensures water quality

Uses paper coffee filters

Double-walled, grippable glass carafe maintains ideal drinking temperature

Makes single (10-ounce) or double (20-ounce) servings


Invented on Quirky by Mo Herzig, an Internet marketer from Miami, FL

A tech-loving marketer who averages six cups of joe a day, Mo decided to combine his two passions by inventing a connected coffee machine that could keep him caffeinated with a single touch.