smart pet feeder

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With Poppy Pet, you can monitor your pet’s eating habits, remotely schedule feedings, and dispense perfectly portioned meals with the Wink app.

Get automatic refills on your favorite pet food delivered by Amazon when the machine detects that you’re running low.

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Its locking lid and weighted base safeguard food, making it great for large-breed dogs and stealthy cats.


The modern design looks like it actually belongs in your home, not your garage.

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Its storage bin holds 20 pounds of dry food discreetly, and a sensor tells you when the bowl is empty or if it’s been knocked over.

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pet feeder

Locking lid and weighted base safeguard food

Holds 20 pounds of dry pet food discretely (a standard bag size)

Great for dogs and cats of all sizes

Sensor tells you when bowl is empty or if it’s been knocked over


Invented by Chris Becker, a UI/UX designer from West Bend, WI

Chris wanted to help his portly dogs lose weight. Smaller, more frequent meals were an option, but his schedule got in the way. So he invented a way to feed his pooches any time, from anywhere.